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What equipment to bring

Photographic Equipment for Astrophotography

A camera with high iso capabilities.

To get the stars just perfect (no movement) you need to expose for about 15 sec. An iso of around 2000 with little noise works well for the night sky. For the landscape a lower  iso can be used with a longer exposure.

Wide angle lens.

Somewhere around 15mm would be perfect. Also your lens needs to be fast, F2.8 is about perfect. I still shoot with a 24-70mm so don’t let equipment stop you from getting started.

Sturdy tripod.

Often there is some wind so a sturdy tripod is a good investment. If you are doing long landscape exposures then you need your camera to be still.

Remote shutter release.

These are not expensive at all. Go to your photo shop or online. I got a cheap (less than R200) wire remote that a salesman at Orms recommended to me and it has never  given any trouble.


Camping Equipment

(This only applies to Beaverlac)

What you need to bring:

Sleeping Bag and pillows.

Warm clothes and swimming clothes.

All tents and sleeping stretchers provided.


Hiking Equipment

(This only applies to the Cederberg Explore)

Hiking Boots

Hiking backpack ± 30 liters

Hydration pack of water bottles.

(In summer you will require at least 2l if going to Wolfberg Arch)


Photographic Equipment

This all depends on what you have. If you intend doing some astrophotography then see the above list. If you are new to photography then bringing whatever camera you have is all you need.