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Cape Town Photo Tours



Kirstenbosch is the venue for the Introduction to Photography tour that wanders around the beautiful gardens. The floral spectacle makes for some lovely subjects to explore new techniques and settings.

The Sunrise Shoot is a beautiful way to see and photograph Cape Town and an opportunity to capture some defining photos.

Likewise the Sunset Shoot is all about capturing those beautiful golden hour scenes of sunset in Cape Town.

The Intake Island Expedition takes place in the heart of Century City in an amazing bird paradise. As with the Introduction to Photography tour, this tour is also about learning the basics of photography in a unique environment in the middle of the city.

And then for the more adventurous there are the away expeditions into remote areas of South Africa that offer spectacular photographic opportunities galore. If you are into night photography or wish to learn it then you will be blown away. The natural beauty of the areas make for some stunning landscape opportunities as well.