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  • Red Bull King of the Air 2016

    The Red Bull King of the Air 2016 kite surfing competition was held at Big Bay on Sunday in front of a huge crowd in extreme conditions that tested the […]

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  • Helicopter tours Cape Town

    Helicopter tours Cape Town

    What better way to see Cape Town than from a helicopter. There are numerous operators that offer spectacular helicopter tours around Cape Town. For the real adventure buffs, the Huey […]

  • Fishing Boats in Cape Town

    Fishing Boats in Cape Town

    Cape town is a¬†coastal city where fishing forms a big part of the local economy employing thousands of people. Most days the crews of these fishing boats venture out to […]

  • Surfing at Llandudno

    Surfing at Llandudno

    The area near to the rock outcrop makes for a perfect spot for surfing at Llandudno. Sometimes when you are driving on the main road far above you catch glimpses […]

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  • Llandudno


    Llandudno is such a beautiful little place all by itself with one of the best views and a long white beach. It even has a good surf spot. Some of […]

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  • Simontown


    Not only is Simonstown steeped in naval history but it is such a quaint little town as this photo I took shows. ¬†This particular walkway leads all the way down […]

  • Table Mountain by tuk-tuk

    Table Mountain by tuk-tuk

    What better way to see Cape Town and Table Mountain than by tuk-tuk. I recently had the pleasure of catching a lift in one of these unique vehicles on the […]

  • Table Mountain

    Table Mountain

    There is just something about this photo of Table Mountain that I love. Maybe it reminds me of an old David Hockney print I once had. The red tourist buses […]

  • Kalk Bay harbour.

    Kalk Bay harbour.

    Kalk Bay is such a beautiful little fishing harbor. Most days the fleet of little fishing boats leave the safety of the harbor to go and see what the seas […]

  • Table Mountain from Milnerton

    Table Mountain from Milnerton

    The locations for taking photos of Table Mountain are endless. I took this photo from Milnerton Beach on a clear sunny day. My photographic tours of Cape Town always include […]